Condensation Control

Wet and mouldy window frames, walls, doors and ceilings many of these symptoms will cause the growth of black mold, peeling wall paper and paint work.

Air contains water vapour. Hot air is able to carry much more moisture than cold air, so as the temperature of air increases it is able to hold a greater volume of water. The water comes from our breathing, bathing, cooking and other domestic activities.

With these factors in place condensation is formed and will deposit onto any surface that is cold enough such as windows, doors, ceilings and exterior walls.This can cause a common problems of black mould on walls carpets and window frames.

Solutions and Treatments:
First check that the problem is condensation and not another problem such as rising damp or penetrating damp.

If the damp looks to be contained in a small area the wall cavity may have become blocked, their may not be enough air bricks for cavity ventilation.

Black mould which has been found can usually be washed away using a standard cleaning agent, but identifiing and proventing the cause can be more of a challenge.

Ultermatly a number factors need to be considered, with so many possible causes, calling a professional for advise or a survey would be the best soultion and most cost and time saving answer.

Other Solutions:

Installation of extra air bricks can supply extra ventilation to any wall cavity in turn will prevent the build up of condensation patches on your walls.

Use Sovereign approved mould resistant wall paints  and mould washing products, this will prevent the build up of black mould on your walls.

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